This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine project is a Bible learning project. The project seeks to bring together young people in faith and truth. There is only one God, and we are all one, regardless of man’s faith. We must understand that beauty is defined by differentiation and acceptance, not by competition. In any case, the only person with whom we compete in life is ourselves.

As a result, instead of wasting time attempting to satisfy others and publishing the substance of our lives on social media to prove to society that we have succeeded, we should devote our time to learning about ourselves and the world around us. Enjoying all of life’s benefits while, on the other hand, developing your own strength and endurance through difficult periods that strengthen us psychologically and emotionally. Because each of our pathways is one and unique, and there is only one you – it is critical that we are all here for each other, to encourage each other, and to provide assistance and wings to each other in order to realize our dreams and greater purpose.

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“Aspire to make a difference” is a project that aims to encourage people to leave a mark for a better today, a better tomorrow.

Let everything you do be done in love.


Our guiding thought

The meaning of life is to find your gift that you have received from God. The purpose of life is to give it to the World.

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