Best solutions to help the homeless

Homelessness is the most extreme kind of social isolation, and it is becoming more common around the world. No one should be homeless, and no one should be discriminated against because they are without a home, hence efforts to eliminate homelessness must be adopted. To solve the problem of homelessness and to restore human rights to individuals who have lost hope, serious action is required.

Homelessness can only be eradicated if all stakeholders collaborate: local, regional, and national governments, European institutions, and other international organizations. The involvement of civil society organizations, the social economy, and persons who have experienced homelessness is also crucial. It is critical to devote resources to holistic techniques, particularly the preventive way. The purpose of this project is to design and fund homelessness prevention programs, as well as to implement education and workshops in schools in order to de-stigmatize socially excluded persons.

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