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Poverty is a long-standing, global issue that is seen on a global scale. Poverty is defined as a lack of resources and chances for a dignified and self-sufficient existence. Unemployment, difficult integration into the labor market, insufficient health care, barriers and inequalities in educational, cultural, sports and recreational activities are examples of poverty. As a result, there are poor individuals who cannot afford the products and activities that other people in that community take for granted.
Children’s experiences of poverty are very different from those of adults. Children are more vulnerable to the harmful effects of poverty and have more acute and specific requirements. Childhood poverty, especially in the early stages, can be not only harmful to children, but also permanent. As a result, in good and bad economic times, protecting children from poverty is crucial. Preventing youth poverty is an effective use of public funds because it avoids the transmission of the harmful effects of poverty locally and globally.

The program’s purpose is to create innovative and technologically sound solutions for implementing child poverty prevention initiatives, as well as a system of care for children that provides them with the necessities for a dignified and joyful growing up and childhood.

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