People with disabilities – workshop

People with disabilities are a full part of society and must not be discriminated against in any way. The aim of the workshop is to remove prejudices and stigma from people with disabilities and learn how to help these people integrate more easily into society.

Consider the following questions:

1)How often are stigma and discrimination against people with disabilities addressed in mainstream reporting?

2) Do you include disabled persons in your stories?

3) Showing people with disabilities living in society, participating in every facet of life – at home, at work, shopping, relaxing with friends at a coffee bar, or simply being part of the population can help break down barriers and promote inclusion.

4)How often do you showcase successful individuals with disabilities at work, as providers of services or as sources of information on various topics of concern to society?


Association for Orthopedic Engineering, Zagreb, Croatia

  • 15 November, 2022
  • 04:00 pm 05:00 pm
  • Gustava Krkleca 29, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia


Orthoing non-profit organization